About Us

About Joy Systems

Since 2001, Joy Systems has been on a mission to preserve the environment as well as providing consumers technology hardware such as desktop computers, laptop computers, and monitors. Our eco-friendly business model helps preserve the environment and our “like new”, high quality refurbished computer products assist businesses, and consumers save a considerable amount of money!

What Do We Do?

 Joy Systems, Inc. is the largest refurbished PC manufacturer in the United States. We have processed and refurbished over 2,500,000 refurbished desktop computers, monitors and laptop computers to date. Utilizing our 100,000 square foot facility, located in Somerset, New Jersey, we refurbish and produce over 30,000 desktop PCs, monitors, and laptops monthly. Every computer and monitor is processed via a strict quality control process utilizing a zero-tolerance policy for defects. Our goal is to offer our customers a lower cost option when purchasing computer hardware by offering “like new” products at prices that are more affordable than their new iterations.

Joy Systems helps preserve the environment by reducing the consumption of natural resources required to produce a new computer. For instance, according to research from Computers and the Environment, Understanding and Managing Their Impacts, the average desktop computer with a CRT monitor, requires 530 pounds of fossil fuels, 50 pounds of chemicals and 3,330 pounds of water to produce a single unit! With that in mind, imagine production on a grand scale and how much resource consumption is required to manufacture computers and how it negatively impacts the environment. Joy Systems helps diminish natural resource consumption by providing “new life” to computer hardware products.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Joy Systems for high quality computer hardware is the smart choice to get a reliable, affordable, and technologically advanced PC! We have the received many accolades and recognitions for our high-quality, refurbished computer products which include the following Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Awards:

  • MAR Worldwide MVP 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • Worldwide Sales Champion 2013 & 2014
  • OEM Sales-Americas Top Performer 2013
  • First MAR to surpass 1,500,000 MAR licenses

Interested in learning more about Joy Systems and our products? Contact us at 1(877) JOY-8808 today!